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About Our Project

FUEL Snack Attack Challenge:

The idea behind this project was to turn the healthy food choices into the message itself. Using a large oak board as our background we were able to create a warm and homemade feel, almost as if someone had all the ingredients of a healthy recipe on their kitchen table.

The poster, created by Caryn Smith, was done by using oatmeal for the main typography. Other healthy snack foods and measuring utensils were used around the piece to add color and depth. This look and feel was carried throughout each piece of the project.

Allison Schultz created a beautiful FUEL logo out of pistachios, dried cranberries and chocolate chips for the leave behind. She was also responsible for the design work on this piece.

Matt Schulist was the Art Director for the project and Mark Purcell was responsible for copy.

Check out our Pinterest Page , and use the hashtag #healthgradeswellness to contribute!

  • Created by:
  • Caryn Smith, Matt Schulist, and Allison Schultz