About Our Project

The definition of a ZooGooder is a member of the Healthgrades creative team who dedicated half of their workday to volunteering at the Henry Vilas Zoo. Twenty-five of us ZooGooders set out with the mission to help the friendly staff at the Henry Vilas Zoo prepare for the long-awaited grand opening of the Arctic Passage exhibit. Though a few of us were hoping for a chance to wrestle some of the new polar bears, we all had the chance to work alongside a flock of neon pink flamingos, a shrieking peacock and a watchful tortoise.

Our morning of volunteering gave the chance to leave our computers behind and pick up work gloves and shovels to show off our weed-pulling prowess and mulch-hauling muscles. Our very own Kelly Davis wowed the crowds as Henry the lion, the Vilas Zoo mascot. And we all represented our commitment to community volunteer time in our ZooGooder t-shirts, designed by one of our associate creative directors, Mike Bass.